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Record High Interest in the IUFRO World Congress

With over 5000 scientific abstracts submitted the 26th IUFRO World Congress is the most anticipated congress in the history of the IUFRO. "We are thrilled to see so many abstracts! This makes us very confident that the congress will offer a high-quality scientific program and become a great success", says Dr. Elena Paoletti, Chair of the Scientific Committee.

A call for information on tree pests and forest health

Now summer is reaching its peak and the ecosystem is in full swing. This also applies to the pests that attack trees and shrubs. As in previous years, the Icelandic Forest Service ? Skógræktin is calling for tips from the public about pests on trees throughout the country, as well as about the general health of forests, such as effects of seasonal disruptions in weather or individual storms.

Icelandic biochar for Icelandic farming soils ? new video

The Icelandic Forest Service has released a new video explaining the making of biochar from Icelandic thinning wood and an ongoing research exploring the benefits of mixing biochar into farmland soil. It is good hope that the use of artificial fertiliser can be reduced substantially by using this method in Icelandic agriculture.