1.1 Key project dates


  • All projects (whether single or part of a group) shall be registered before the project implementation date (the start of planting).
  • Single projects shall be validated within five years of registration. For groups, projects can be added to a group (subject to group rules) up to the point of validation. Group validation shall be carried out within five years of the date of the first registration within the group. A validation extension may be given in extenuating circumstances.
  • Validation Statements shall only be issued once planting is completed.
  • Projects shall have a clearly defined duration and shall not exceed fifty years to begin with. Project duration can be lengthened at later stages subject to realistic carbon sequestration forecasts over longer periods being carried out. Duration of projects with a projected rotation length of less than 50 years shall be equal to the rotation length (shortest rotation in the case of group projects).

Means of Validation

  • Afforestation plan
  • Project Design Document
  • Financing contracts and other applicable contracts

Means of Verification

  • Not required unless changes are made to the project duration


  • The project implementation date is the date when planting begins.
  • The project start date is the last date of planting and the date from which carbon sequestration is accounted for.
  • The project duration begins from the start date and is the time over which carbon sequestration claims are to be made.
  • The project end date can be up to 50 years from the start date and can be lengthened at later stages. The project duration should not be confused with permanence.
  • All projects shall involve a permanent land-use change to Forest cover.
  • The group start date is the last date of planting (or latest project start date) within the group.
  • The project registration date is the date on which a project moves from ‘Draft’ to ‘Under Development’ status on The International Carbon Registry.