Register your project

Creating an account on the International Carbon Registry (ICR)

All Project Proponents, Validation/Verification Bodies, Market Participants, and General Users must apply for an appropriate account type. ICR conducts KYC[1] (know your customer) checks and provides Account holders with login information when completed.

To complete opening the account, Applicants need to:

When completed, ICR Admins review the application and request further documentation to complete the KYC check. ICR will provide information on which documentation is needed and if further documentation is required during the KYC check.

When the KYC is completed ICR Admins will provide the contact user account details via email provided in the application.

  1. If you don't yet have an account, you must first join the registry. Click here
  2. You need to provide the following information with details of your company (if you have one) or yourself (if not):
    • Company Name/Legal Name (Required)
    • Company Registration Number (Required)
    • Company Email (Required)
    • Address (Required)
    • Country (Required)
    • Website (Optional)
    • Phone (with country code) (Required)
    • Account type (Required)
    • Contact (Required)
    • Title, e.g., owner, project manager etc. (Required)
    • Address (Optional)
    • Email (Required)
    • Phone (with country code) (Required)
    • WhatsApp (Optional)

    See terms and conditions

  3. You will then have to submit identification for your organization and for the account manager.
  4. Once your details have been checked, ICR will send you a login.

Standard and group projects

Individual projects can be registered as standard projects or as a part of a group project.

Standard projects are validated and verified individually. A standard project can be of any size and does not need to occupy a single coherent land area. Nevertheless, the land may not be composed of parts belonging to separate owners. Also, a single project cannot be divided into different certification units.

Group projects, however, are registered and evaluated together with other projects in the group. Projects in the group can be owned by separate parties. This enables financial costs to be shared alongside a common responsibility for ensuring that Woodland Carbon Code requirements are met at all sites. Group validation benefits smaller woodland owners as fixed costs, e.g., for validation and verification, are shared with the group. For each group project, planting can span up to five consecutive planting seasons, and in general follow the same rules as standard projects (see section 2.1).


When projects do not seek recurrent verification of carbon sequestration, because of small project size or for other reasons, self-assessment can be preferred if conditions allow (see Chapter Self-Assessment under Landowners). Please contact the FCC's office to find out if the project meets the criteria for self-assessment.

Registration deadline

All projects must be registered within two years of the start of planting.

Creating a new project in your ICR account

  1. Go to and choose 'Login' (top right).
  2. Once logged in, go to the 'My projects and issuances' tab, and click on 'New Project'.
  3. For your 'New Project' you need to input the following information:
    • Project name and description
    • Project implementation date (=start of planting), start date (=end of planting) and end date (up to 50 years after start date)
    • Management regime
    • Validator
    • Location (Grid Reference, Nearest town, County, Country)
    • Net Area (and whether conifer, mixed or broadleaved)
    • Predicted carbon sequestration over project lifetime (claimable by project, buffer and total)
  4. You will need to upload your draft carbon calculations and a map. See template documents.
  5. Once you have input this information, click on the button at the bottom of the project screen to submit your project as 'Under Development'. Your project details, carbon calculation and map will be available on the Public View of the ICR.

Other help and advice

What happens next?

You will receive confirmation from ICR that your project has been approved and is now shown as 'under development' in the registry.