On this page we will be posting reviews by people and companies that have decided to use Skógarkolefni and embark on projects that will result in certified Skógarkolefni Carbon Units. Reference is also made to the presentation of projects on the International Carbon Registry (ICR) website and websites of companies offering project management of Skógarkolefni Carbon Projects.

Projects managed  by Ygg Carbon

Álfabrekka in Grímsnes County

Anna María Guðmundsdóttir and Ásmundur Skeggjason acquired a small piece of land in Grímsnes County, South Iceland, a few years ago and have practiced forestry there since 2008. Let's have a glimpse of their story and experience:

"That's where our interest in forestry started. We went to a meeting with the Icelandic Forest Service (IFS) and received a friendly welcome and good information about the Skógarkolefni – Forest Carbon Code. We also attended a course with them and were impressed, not least by the wonderful people who work there. As a result, we bought more land to plant with an emphasis on new afforestation for carbon sequestration. This is done in accordance with the IFS advice. We believe that there is a future in forestry in Iceland. Last year we planted 400 thousand seedlings and we aim to plant another 600 thousand or a total of about a million seedlings in the coming years. This project of ours will hopefully sequester around 220,000 tonnes of carbon over the next 50 years. Also, great value will be created from timber in the future from the forest."

"We have also had good cooperation with the municipality, Grímsness- and Grafningshreppur, which sees an opportunity in increased forestry on the land we have. Forests support water conservation and many other things that are also positive for the environment. There are many trails on our afforestation site that are fun to walk around and no less will it be when the trees grow, a real source of adventure for young and old. This project also improves conditions for birds in the area as is already apparent in the older part of the site. Everything is teeming with birdlife over there."

"We like to be able to have a positive impact on our future environment with what we do today, for example by planting trees."

Anna María Guðmundsdóttir and Ásmundur Skeggjason