Self-Assessment is the option to self-declare that your project is on track, healthy and still meets the Skógarkolefni – Forest Carbon Code (FCC) and the Icelandic Forest Service Sustainable Forest Management Guidelines. In this case there will be no 3rd party check of your project. Self-Assessment does not confirm the carbon sequestration to date, and as there is no 3rd party check, no Pending Issuance Units will be converted to Forest Carbon Units – a Verification is required to convert units.

When can I Self-Assess?

A project must be checked 5 years after the project start date and then at least every 10 years. You can only Self-Assess, rather than verify, from year 15 onwards if:

  • Your latest verification received a 'Green' status. If projects are grouped, all projects in the group were 'Green' status.
  • You don't have any concerns about the growth and health of your project(s).
  • Your latest assessment was a verification, not a Self-Assessment.
  • It's not the last monitoring period of your project. At the last monitoring period, you are required to do full monitoring and 3rd party verification.
  • There have been no major changes to the project (area, management, ownership, health etc.).

Please contact the FCC Secretariat if you intend to Self-Assess, and we will check that you meet the criteria.

How do I Self-Assess?

  1. Check with the FCC Secretariat that you are eligible to Self-Assess this projectþ
  2. To Self-Assess, you need to complete the following documents (See Template Documents):
    • A Project Progress Report
    • A Basic Monitoring Report. See the Basic Monitoring Requirements
  3. Upload your documents to your project on the ICR Registry and submit them as Self-Assessed.
  4. The FCC Secretariat will review your project or group. When reviewing a 'Self-Assessed' project, the FCC Secretariat could request other sources of information if any source supplied is not clear.
    • If the FCC Secretariat are content with the information provided, they will approve the project as 'Self-Assessed'
    • If the FCC Secretariat has concerns about the growth or health of a project submitted as 'Self-Assessed', they can require that Full Monitoring and 3rd party verification is undertaken