2.7 Carbon statements and reporting


Landowners and/or project developers shall make carbon buyers aware of the FCC guidance on carbon claims. Any carbon statement by the landowner, the project developer or the carbon buyer shall be true and accurate and conform with recommended wording. Statements made prior to sequestration shall clearly state the timescale over which the carbon is to be sequestered. Carbon removals shall only be reported, or used, after carbon is sequestered and verified (i.e. Forest Carbon Units) in accordance with guidance. This is sometimes called ex-post reporting.

Means of Validation

  • Signed commitment from the landowner/project developer to make true and accurate statements about the project/carbon which conform to FCC claims guidance (See Section 2.1)
  • Any statements/reports on signage/websites/leaflets or other media comply with the FCC claims guidance
  • No evidence of non-compliance with the FCC claims guidance

Means of Verification

  • Confirmation in the Project Progress Report that statements made by the landowner, project developer or corporate buyer comply with FCC claims guidance
  • Any project documentation or carbon statements/reports follow the FCC claims guidance
  • No evidence of non-compliance with FCC claims guidance


A carbon statement is simply a statement of what a project will sequester or has sequestered to date. It can be restated by more than one party with an interest in a project. Carbon units can only be reported (used) by the buyer/owner, after verification by the landowner/project manager. See Section 2.6 on how carbon units are represented in the International Carbon Registry. For information on how to use carbon units for carbon offsetting, see the page Why buy Skógarkolefni – Forest Carbon Units (FCU).