2.6 Registry and avoidance of double counting


Projects and carbon units shall only appear on one carbon registry – The International Carbon Registry.

For group validation/verification, the group and its constituent projects shall be entered on the registry as a ‘master project’ and ‘subprojects’ respectively. All projects, project documentation, carbon units, assignments and retirements shall be visible in the ‘public view’ of the International Carbon Registry. Upon validation, Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) shall be listed for all carbon units in the project. Any Pending Issuance Units sold in advance of verification shall either be transferred to the relevant buyer’s account or ‘assigned’ to that buyer. At each verification, Pending Issuance Units for that vintage shall be cancelled and the verified number of Forest Carbon Units (FCUs) issued. Prior to using Forest Carbon Units in any reports, they shall be ‘retired’ from the International Carbon Registry. Project developers shall comply with the Registry Rules of Use.

Means of Validation

  • The landowner, project developer or group manager has an account on the International Carbon Registry
  • The project is recorded on the International Carbon Registry
  • Signed commitment that the project developer will ensure the project and carbon units are accurately represented on the registry (See Section 2.1)

Means of Verification

  • Confirmation in Project Progress Report that project is not certified/ approved by another carbon standard
  • Pending Issuance Units are listed, Forest Carbon Units are issued, and units appear in the public view in the account of the current owner, or are assigned to the current owner, on the International Carbon Registry
  • Carbon units are shown as retired from the International Carbon Registry upon use


The International Carbon Registry gives details of Projects, Pending Issuance Unit listings, Forest Carbon Unit issuances, transfers, assignments and retirement.

Prior to verification, units will be defined as ‘Pending Issuance’ and are effectively a promise to deliver verified units. These can be transferred or assigned to a buyer in advance of delivery. Verified Forest Carbon Units can be retired for use in a company’s environmental or greenhouse gas report or in claims of carbon neutrality. See Section 2.7 on carbon claims. See online guidance for registry rules of use and fees.