Where to buy carbon from FCC projects


The Icelandic Forest Service (IFS) does not sell Forest Carbon Code (FCC) units. We are responsible for managing the standard and ensuring that projects are independently validated/verified and represented on the ICR Registry. We have provided links to all project developers/projects with units to sell. Note that some companies/landowners are also choosing to 'grow their own' carbon units by creating Forest on their own land. Find out more here.

Project developers with verified (FCU) units available to sell

These project developers/projects are verified at 5 years with a small number of verified Forest Carbon Units available for sale in addition to Pending Issuance Units for future vintages. FCUs are guaranteed and you can use them against your current year's emissions. Note that there are very few FCU available to sell to begin with. 1 FCU = 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide sequestered.

Project developers with validated (PIU) units available to sell

These project developers/projects have Pending Issuance Units available for sale for future vintages. There is a larger volume of PIUs available to sell - remember they are an 'advance' purchase and are not guaranteed. Check with the project developer the 'vintage' of the units you are purchasing (i.e., how far in future they are likely to be verified and converted to FCU). Remember you can't use PIUs to compensate for your current year's emissions, only to help with your future Net Zero plans. 1 PIU = 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide equivalent that will be sequestered in future.