1.5 Conformance to Icelandic forestry policy: Land & líf


Projects shall conform to Land & líf

Means of Validation

  • Statement in Project Design Document that the project conforms to Land & líf
  • Signed commitment from the landowner to conform to Land & líf (See Section 2.1)
  • No evidence of non-conformance

Means of Verification

  • Statement in Project Progress Report that the project conforms to Land & líf
  • Other evidence as per validation


The validation/verification body will check there is no evidence of non-conformance with Land & líf. See also Section 2.1.


Risk assessment for Forest Tree Species

Main tree species in Icelandic Forestry, Potentials and risks

Authors: Edda Sigurdís Oddsdóttir and Þröstur Eysteinsson

While this publication is for now only available in Icelandic, readers are encouraged to apply a translation program to the text such as Google Translate. That should at least give a glimpse to the contents. The text is being revised and an updated version is forthcoming.


Land og líf (Icelandic Forestry Policy – Icelandic only)