2.4 Consultation


Projects shall provide an opportunity for, and take account of, inputs from stakeholders and feedback from local communities during both the project design phase and over the lifespan of the project.

Means of Validation

  • Consultation details in Planning permission documents or, if applicable, Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Statement/EIA Report
  • Other documentation which provides evidence of the approach taken to achieve meaningful stakeholder consultation, along with a summary of feedback and the actions taken

Means of Verification

  • Documentation confirming the approach to and outcome of ongoing consultation


Some municipalities require planning permission for afforestation projects. An query to the local government as to the need for planning permission is required and must then be followed up in the appropriate way depending on the answer.

Where an EIA was required, these processes should usually provide the appropriate documentary evidence for stakeholder consultation and engagement.


Skógrækt í skipulagsáætlunum sveitarfélaga – Brochure on local community planning (Icelandic only)

Skógræktin – The Icelandic Forest Service and Skipulagsstofnun – the Icelandic Governmental Agency for Planning, published in cooperation the forth revised issue of the leaflet Skógrækt í skipulagsáætlunum sveitarfélaga. (Forestry and Local Planning). The brochure is only available in English but with the help of online translation systems, you should be able to come close to the meaning of the contents. Please contact us via skogarkolefni@skogarkolefni.is if you need further help or information.