4.1 Environmental quality


There shall be Forest design planning documentation which considers the environmental aspects of sustainable forest management set out in the forestry policy (Land & líf) and these standards shall be maintained throughout the duration of the project.

Projects shall demonstrate whether or not an Environmental Statement/EIA Report is required under the Environmental Impact Assessment Act. They shall:

  • provide the Environmental Statement/EIA Report if one was required; or
  • other evidence that environmental impacts of the project are likely to be positive where not required

Means of Validation

  • Environmental Quality statements in Project Design Document
  • Design planning documentation
  • Environmental Statement/EIA Report or confirmation that one is not required under EIA regulations
  • Other relevant documentation

Means of Verification

  • Evidence confirming the environmental benefits of the project to date


All projects should be able to show that any environmental impacts on the land area concerned are likely to be positive. See the forestry policy (Land & líf) (including the sustainable forest management elements of Climate Change, Soil, Water, Biodiversity, Landscape and Historic Environment). It is optional to monitor the environmental benefits of projects over time.