1.4 Compliance with the law


Projects shall comply with the law.

Means of Validation

  • Statements in Project Design Document that the project complies with all relevant laws
  • Project Design Document outlines a system or procedures for being aware of and implementing requirements of new legislation
  • Signed commitment from the landowner to comply with the law (See Section 2.1)
  • No evidence of non-compliance.

Means of Verification

  • Statements in the Project Progress Report that the project continues to comply with all relevant laws
  • Other evidence as per validation


Validation/verification is not a legal compliance audit. The validation/verification body will check if there is no evidence of noncompliance with relevant legal requirements, and that no issues of non-compliance are raised by regulatory authorities or other interested parties. The main legislation relevant to Skógarkolefni is found on the Alþingi website althingi.is.