2.5 Monitoring


The project shall have a monitoring plan in place before validation, to quantify and document the progress of carbon sequestration as well as ensure that the project continues to be sustainably managed. Verification shall take place five years, and then every ten years after the project start date. Projects shall be monitored 6–12 months prior to each verification due-date to allow time for verification to be carried out by the due-date. If there are extenuating circumstances for a delay, the project shall seek the approval of the FCC secretariat. If approval is granted, a Verification Extension Approval shall be uploaded to the International Carbon Registry. At Year 5, the ‘Year 5 Monitoring Protocol’ shall be followed for all projects. From Year 15 onwards, the Carbon Assessment Protocol shall be followed for all projects. Single projects or groups shall submit a Project Progress Report alongside the relevant Monitoring Report. Corrective actions shall be undertaken if establishment and/or tree growth and carbon sequestration rates do not meet expectations.

Means of Validation

  • Monitoring plans set out in the Project Design Document.
  • Signed commitment from the landowner or project developer to monitor and maintain verification for the project duration (See Section 2.1).

Means of Verification

  • Project Progress Report shows continuing compliance with the Forest Carbon Code.
  • Monitoring Reports show progress of carbon sequestration.
  • Other evidence as specified in the relevant monitoring protocol.
  • Other evidence to show that corrective actions have been undertaken.


Monitoring is required to demonstrate successful Forest establishment and assess actual tree growth and carbon sequestration rates. For projects validated under Version 1.2 of the Code or earlier, timings for the first verification may vary. Verification is due by the date indicated on the validation/verification Statement.